What is an EEOC Charge?  

An EEOC Charge is a complaint that someone, typically an employee, ex-employee or a contractor, files with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (“EEOC”) against your business and/or an individual within your business.  The EEOC is a federal agency that administers and enforces civil rights laws against discrimination related to employment. The EEOC is responsible for investigating complaints against employers for unlawful discrimination based on race, national origin, religion, sex, age, disability. The EEOC does a lot of important work and has helped to eliminate unlawful discrimination in the workplace. We represent employers when they are subject to a charge which demands a vigorous defense. 

If you or your business is charged, you should advise an attorney promptly, because the EEOC imposes deadlines for responses that must be met and the legal standards can be complex depending upon the basis for the charge. When our clients are charged, The Chapar Firm reviews the claim and interviews the appropriate personnel to determine exactly what occurred. (Often, the version outlined in the EEOC claim is not very detailed).  The Chapar Firm prepares a timely and thorough response to the EEOC that properly explains the employer’s version of what happened.  The response may include exhibits, such as the claimant’s personnel file, performance reviews or improvement plans, and affidavits from witnesses that support the employer’s contentions.  

Sometimes, the EEOC will follow-up with additional questions which The Chapar Firm will work with our client to answer.  Once an employer is represented by The Chapar Firm, the EEOC will communicate with the firm to gather any additional information it may require.  On occasion, the EEOC may wish to interview key personnel; however, that is rare.  If that does happen, The Chapar Firm will be there to help prepare the individual for the interview.      

The EEOC is a busy organization and it often takes several months to receive a  decision.  So once everything is submitted, be prepared to be patient.  

The Chapar Firm has successfully represented dozens of companies in connection with EEOC investigations. We also represent individuals who believe they have been unlawfully discriminated against by an employer.  The firm is recognized as a top employment law firm in Metro Atlanta including Conyers, Rockdale, Newton County and Covington.