E-Verify is a federal program that mandates that certain types of employers, including those that do business with the federal government, use an electronic system to verify that  new employees are eligible to lawfully work in the United States.  
Several states have passed their own laws that mandate that employers use the E-Verify system in order to do business in the state. Georgia is among those states.  The law has been phased in, starting with large employers but gradually expanding coverage to smaller employers.
As of July 1, 2013, Georgia’s law requiring E-Verify use covers employers with more than 10 employees.
Under Georgia’s law a city or county government may not issue or renew a business license or any other governmental certificate or permit required for a particular business to lawfully conduct its activities unless a covered business provides an affidavit in the form approved by the Georgia Attorney General’s Office that states the business is authorized to and does use the federal work authorization program or that it employees less than 11 employees.
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