Attorney Chapar Gets a Win for TI.

The firm represents entertainers of note including Mr. Clifford Harris, also known as TI. TI was sued by a plaintiff who was allegedly injured in a fight at a recording studio owned by one of TI’s companies. TI was not present but was still blamed by the Plaintiff – who asserted various theories including landlord liability.

The Chapar Firm, through Mr. Chapar, successfully argued before the Hon. Craig Schwall that TI could not be responsible for injuries allegedly suffered as a result of a personal dispute that the Plaintiff had with another person. Judge Schwall granted judgment for TI and dismissed the case against TI and all of TI’s companies that were sued in the matter.

The Plaintiff has appealed and the case is presently before the Georgia Court of Appeals in Gresham v. Harris et al., No. A18A1790 (Georgia Court of Appeals)