Fusion Apartments

Attorney Chapar was recently part of the defense team in a significant week-long jury trial in Fulton County. The case involved a dispute between then majority owner and developer of a brand new upscale apartment building in Southern California and former minority partners. The minority partners asserted a claim against the Firm’s client, claiming that the majority owner had improperly terminated the interest of the minority owner the project. The Chapar Firm represented the owner-developer since the 2014 inception of the case.

At the conclusion of the week-long trial, the twelve-person jury ruled in favor of the firm’s client, finding that the minority owner was, in fact, the breaching party and that therefore the majority owner had acted properly. The jury also ruled in favor of Mr. Chapar’s client on its counterclaims. Co-trial counsel included John Christy and Deborah Wilson of Schreeder Wheeler and Flint of Atlanta.