Employers are often quick to deduct wages if they believe that an employee has done something wrong. Caution must be taken in such circumstances, as nicely summarized by Attorney Tim Williams in the Daily Report:

Improper Pay Deductions Under the FLSA

Tim Williams, Daily Report

When can an employer dock an exempt employee’s pay? In the 1992 romance adventure “Far and Away,” starring Nicole Kidman and her then-husband Tom Cruise, Kidman’s character, Shannon Christie, was docked three days’ pay for calling her boss “an ugly animal,” a “pig” and “spineless little fraction of a man.”

Can an employer dock an exempt employee’s pay for being rude? What about for being late to work? Or eating someone’s lunch from the break room fridge? Before deducting an exempt employee’s pay, consider that improper pay deductions can have substantial unintended consequences for employers. Read more at the Daily Report.